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PORTAexpresso is focused on providing logistic solutions for the transport of people who needs rent solutions or organized tours.

We organize our own private sightseeing tours, according the taste of foreign tourists to show the very best of Portugal during their visit to our country.
Arrabida, an amazing tour Helicopter Tour Lisbon, Torre de Belém Private Beaches Tours, Tróia , Comporta PORTAexpresso, Helicopter at Oporto hotspot

Our customers are individuals, companies and tourism professionals from Travel Agencies, Hotels, Tourism Operators and Golf Courses. For each market niche we have a solution to cooperate and operate due to our years of experience in the business.

If you have something in mind, feel free to contact us through email and give some information that can help us to develop your idea. PORTAexpresso contact several different portuguese providers, we can offer a good solution for your needs.

Logistic Solutions of PORTAexpresso

  • Airport Tranfers
  • Coaches Rent
  • Private Tours
  • Cities and Museums Tours
  • Gastronomic Experiences
  • Nightlife Tours
  • Airport and Golf Courses Tours
  • Sailing Experiences
  • Passeios de helicopteros
  • Fishing Organizers
  • Helicopters Rent
  • Private Jets Rent
  • Commercial Flights Rent
  • Boats / Sailing Rent
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