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Portugal, Surf in Nazaré

It was around the 70 that surf began having the greatest expression in Portugal, Peniche mode after having been developing more and more fans in Portugal Surf and bringing many surfers from around the world, having performed in Portugal several international events, with a strong emphasis on some of the Portuguese surfers.

Nazaré, surf in Portugal

It was also then that the Surf in Portugal sparked interest by national media such as television and some local newspapers. The surf in Portugal has to be distinguished due to increasingly strong projection championships that take place in Portugal, due to the excellent conditions Portugal have to practice surfing, surfer bringing worldwide.

Recently the World Record of the largest wave surfed by famous American surfer Garrett McNamara hardly forget the day he became the first surfer to achieve surfing a wave of 30 meters in Praia do Norte in Nazaré in Portugal, beating world record in Portugal.

This phenomenon is driven by a huge accident geomorphological rare on the coast of Nazaré in Portugal which has a failure, the largest of its kind in Europe.

The region of Nazaré has been a place increasingly sought by Surfer from around the world, due to the strong impact of the immediate images made on this record and broadcast worldwide caused a dramatic increase in visitors and a strong demand for accommodation by many national and international surfers as well as transport services from the airport to Lisbon will Nazaré.

This wave phenomena of Nazareth has also caused a significant increase in occupancy rate in restoring and increases consumption in supermarkets.

The local authority is strongly committed to supporting the sport, as well as supporting the development of all types of infrastructure that can help to maintain the high surf in Nazareth in and be a reference worldwide.

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