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Portugal Golf Courses

Golfe, Portugal, Campos de GolfePortugal Golf growns in terms of golf courses, practitioners and several companies that sells golf products for the world of this amazing sport.

You will find 94 golf courses in the country, according FPG – Federação Portuguesa de Golfe (Portuguese Golf Federation ). This sport born in Scotland with the strong influence of the Roman Empire game called paganism.

The official´s Golf Courses have 18 holes and golfers must complete the course with several difficulties of the game, like sand bunkers, artificial kales, areas with higher compliance of grass, trees ( reduces visibility).

For Golfers, Golf Courses are a moment of relax, conversation among the players but also excitement to make the best results ever with fair-play. It´s common take an average superior to four hours, providing a true leisure momento, in addition to physical activity inherent in the practice of this amazing sport. It is also possible to hire some buggies or caddy´s service in most of the golf courses.

The golf transfer between your resort / hotel to golf courses and return is possible. If you will visit Portugal and special Lisbon, Setúbal, Cascais, Sintra areas, you can book you golf transfer online.

District of Lisbon ( Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra ) and Setúbal have 25 golf courses available and hosts several tournaments and events during all year. Lisbon Airport is 10 kms from Lisbon Centre and 40 km till Setúbal.

Curiosities of Golf

  • 1457 – The Scotish parliament doesnt allowed the practice of golf saying that affected the interests of Scotland.
  • 1654 – Rembrandt paints a canvas he called “The Golfer”, currently in the Netherlands.
  • 1944 – Female professionals golfers are recognizes
  • 1953 – 1 º Portugal Open´s was held in Estoril, there were 54 editions until 2010 in various golf courses
  • 1977 – Australia, Sydney, Laura Cox is the first golfer to achieve two consecutive holes in one.

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