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Portinho da Arrabida, Beach and Bay

Portinho da Arrabida Beach it´s a bay located in the Arrabida Hills and a distance to Setúbal of 21 kms.

Portinho da Arrabida, beach and bay

The beach is one of the best portuguese beach and his beauty was classified has one of the Seven Natural Wonders in Portugal in 2010.

Located nearby this beach is rocky, but going in the direction of Setubal, this feature will be blurred to become a white sand beach. His calm, mild, and various shades of blue to contrast with the intense green of the vegetation of the mountain, which makes Portinho of Arrábida Beach a true natural paradise. In summer, the water temperature around 20 º C and in winter and 17 º c.

The area of Portinho da Arrabida presents in addition to its beach, two places of great tourist importance, the Pedra da Anicha and Oceanographic Museum, which is installed at Arrábida Fort.

A hundred meters, well in front of the beach is a zoological reserve, the famous Pedra da Anicha, rocky island highly valued and sought by divers because of its huge diversity of marine fauna and some algae.

Restaurants, parking, security service, toilets, disabled access, awnings, hammocks, boat and diving area are available in the area of Portinho da Arrabida.

Portinho da Arrabida invites you to beach moments of absolute tranquility and relaxation, with its unforgettable landscapes of sea and mountains and water sports.

Come and visit this portuguese wonder, the extraordinary natural paradise that is Portinho da Arrabida. In the vicinity of this location, you can see the famous Convent of the hillside south of Arrabida.

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