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Oceanário de Lisboa

The Oceanário de Lisboa is an extraordinary museum of marine biology placed in Parque das Nações in Lisbon, Portugal, and it is recognized nationally and internationally.

The building was planned by the american architect Peter Chermayeff and was inaugurated in 1998 during the XXth Century’s last World Fair, themed “The Oceans, a Heritage for the Future”.

The main goal of the Oceanário de Lisboa is to touch the visitors for the existence of only one global ocean and to alert to the uninterrupted and, sometimes, uncontrolled pollution threat, beyond the excessive exploitation of the maritime and terrestrial resources.

In the middle of the building there is an enormous tank, with 7 metres of depth, 1000 m2 and 5000 m3. Through its four windows of 49 m2 each we can see all of its beauty and grandiosity. In this impressive tank coexists one hundred of different tropical and temperate water fish.

The Oceanário de Lisboa is a complex of two buildings: the Edifício dos Oceanos and the Edifício do Mar. The first one has the aquarium, which integrates four different habitats: Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and Antarctic Ocean. The second building offers new services that improve the knowledge of the oceans, such as exhibitions, a reception, an auditorium and a restaurant.

The Oceanário de Lisboa gives to its visitors an unique atmosphere because brings together the oceans richness, the specific habitat environment sounds, as the very first terrestrial sounds, the squawk of sea birds and the sounds of crashing waves.

In the Oceanário de Lisboa is amazing to see the perfect harmony and the interaction among the innumerable different sea creatures: fish, marine mammals, sea birds, invertebrate animals, plants and seaweeds.

If you live or visit Lisbon be aware that this city offers you a plenty of seductions in several areas, such as culture, history, leisure and naturals richness. Certainly, the Oceanário de Lisboa will be an unique and an unforgettable experience in your life time.

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