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Helicopter bride and Wedding

PORTAexpresso leva a noiva ao casamentoFor brides and grooms, the wedding day is special and fabulous when the bride arrives through helicopter to her wedding. A moment where two families get together.

Sueli Guerreiro would like something special during the wedding day and contacted PORTAexpresso for what would be a fantastic helicopter tour, from the helicopter base to the farm where the wedding would take place, which was geographically located on the Costa da Caparica. Amazing landscape views and from Atlantic Ocean, the beaches from Costa da Caparica.

Later, we received one email from Sueli Guerreiro ( the bride ) , which we would like to share.

“I want to thank all you did for me, the time spent, the patience of all phone calls i made​​, the magnificent service that was rendered in, excellent pilot and copilot, who drove a spectacular flight over the coast at low altitude so that we could observe the order and that was not enough he gave three laps before landing to increase the suspense, it was beautiful and wonderful. I would like to thank you in my name, I know it’s his job, and it was just another trip he made but to me was unique and very special. In short I would like to thank you for everything, really were magnificent.”

Sueli , we loved to contribute to a magic day like this one, your wedding.  Greetings!

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