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Giraldo Square and Church of St. Anthony

Giraldo Square and Church of St. AnthonyThe prestigious Giraldo Square in the heart of the city of Evora, Portugal, is the most famous square in the city, having been appointed by old Great Square of Evora.

Interestingly, in the reign of King Dinis this extensive enclosure has been elected to carry out the first free fair city. It stands up the Fountain and the Church of St. Anthony.

The Giraldo Square Fountain is of Baroque style designed by architect Afonso Alvares. It is built of white marble and rests on its top a bronze crown.

Interestingly comprises eight holes with bronze fountains, which symbolize the eight streets that correspond to the square. Its construction occurred in 1571.

The stylish Square Fountain Giraldo in Evora integrates the rich and vast heritage Évora, currently recognized as a National Monument.

The Church of St. Anthony, whose construction moves to the beginning of 1557 consists of three naves, which have similar height.
This monument reflects the typical church hall, where the interior is a single room.

The church is recognized as a Public Interest, the Management Institute of Architectural and Archaeological Heritage.

In the magnificent city of Évora in the Alentejo can also visit other monuments that stand up for their originality and construction of the same reasons, among them the famous Chapel of Bones.

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