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Caldo Verde Soup

Caldo Verde has its origins in the north of Portugal, Minho, despite being served all over the country. It has been described by several Portuguese poets and writers as Eça de Queiroz, Ramalho Ortigão and Correia de Oliveira.  Even Fernando Pessoa was adapted of this tasting broth, which joins the flavor of the potato to the kale, in a unique mix with a slice of chorizo.

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Amália, the famous and immortalized lusa singer, makes a clear allusion on its fado “Uma Casa Portuguesa” to the Caldo Verde. On this dish / soup is also used as a seasoning, the olive oil ( which is produced for centuries in Portugal ), water, garlic, onion and salt.

Caldo Verde was traditionally prepared in an iron pot with a wooden spoon, being then served in clay bowls, typically Portuguese. In the north or in the middle of Lisbon city is possible to taste it, and it is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Portuguese Gastronomy 2011. Will you visit Portugal? You must taste this delicious Soup, called Caldo Verde.

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